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Oak-Lato (Hybrid): Discover the Unique Earthy and Berry Flavors

Oak-Lato is our first in-house strain, a hybrid powerhouse born from the cross of Lemon Cherry Gelato and Gelato 41. This strain more than lives up to its legacy, offering an exceptional blend of earthy and berry flavors. From its striking appearance to its euphoric and chill effects, Oak-Lato is a true representation of California's rich cannabis cultivation history. Let’s dive into what makes Oak-Lato a standout strain.


The Genetics Behind Oak-Lato

Oak-Lato is the result of meticulously selecting and crossbreeding Lemon Cherry Gelato with Gelato 41. This genetic combination brings together the best qualities of both parent strains, creating a unique and potent hybrid. Lemon Cherry Gelato contributes a fresh, fruity profile, while Gelato 41 adds a creamy, sweet undertone, making Oak-Lato a delight for cannabis connoisseurs.


Flavor Profile: An Aromatic Adventure

On the Nose

Opening a bag of Oak-Lato reveals a creamy gelato aroma mixed with a soft, doughy sweetness reminiscent of a high-end dryer sheet. This inviting scent is just the beginning of a complex and satisfying flavor journey.

On the Grind

Grinding the buds releases a hint of gas, which quickly transitions into a light, airy mix of lemon, cedar, and cherry. This aromatic blend is both refreshing and intriguing, setting the stage for a delightful smoking experience.

 On the Smoke

The dry inhale starts with a bubblegum-esque flavor, showcasing the Lemon Cherry side of this cross. As the smoke lingers, a wild cherry lemonade taste emerges, providing a balanced and enjoyable flavor profile. The earthy and berry notes remain consistent, offering a smooth and pleasant smoke from start to finish.


Effects: Euphoric and Chill

Oak-Lato isn’t just about its amazing flavor; it also delivers exceptional effects that make it a favorite among users. This strain is known for its happy and chill vibes, making it perfect for various occasions.

Happy and Euphoric

The euphoric effects of Oak-Lato are immediate and uplifting. Users report feeling an instant boost in mood, making it an excellent choice for social gatherings or creative endeavors. The happy feelings it induces can turn any ordinary day into a memorable experience.

Chill and Relaxing

Despite its uplifting effects, Oak-Lato also provides a calming and relaxing sensation. It fills your head with a light, cotton-like feeling, without weighing it down. This balance makes Oak-Lato ideal for unwinding after a long day or simply enjoying a peaceful evening.


Why Oak-Lato Stands Out

Unique Flavor Experience

Oak-Lato offers a unique blend of flavors that evolve from the first sniff to the last puff. The combination of earthy and berry notes with creamy, doughy undertones is rare and makes this strain a standout in the cannabis world. It's a sensory adventure that delights and satisfies.

A Tribute to California's Cannabis Heritage

Bred to represent the Bay Area's legendary history of cannabis cultivation, Oak-Lato is more than just a strain; it's a piece of California's cannabis culture. By choosing Oak-Lato, you're experiencing a strain that carries the legacy and expertise of one of the world's most renowned cannabis epicenters.


Discover the Oak-Lato Difference

In the world of cannabis, Oak-Lato offers a unique and exceptional experience. From its distinct flavor profile to its balanced effects, it's a strain that promises and delivers an unforgettable journey. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Oak-Lato is worth a try. Experience the difference and take home a piece of California's cannabis heritage.

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